Polystyrene Letters from EPS 200

Letters & Figures from Polystyrene

Large and Mega large styrofoam letters have become a popular eye-catcher for events, exhibitions, festivals, shop windows and more. We as a manufacturer of styrofoam letters offer these large letters in any desired font and size. Made from high-quality EPS (expanded polystyrene), contains a fire retardant, contains no CFCs and is not susceptible to mold and moisture. Styrofoam letters are the perfect addition to a "wow factor".
Letters can be cut so that they remain standing independently. Because of the relatively low weight, styrofoam letters can be hung or floated in a pond. The possibilities of styrofoam letters are practically unlimited. Do you have an idea, let us know and we will bring it to life for you!
Large styrofoam letters can be supplied in their naturally clean snow-white finish or can be sprayed in a desired standard RAL color, gold or silver color or even be provided with a weathered rust color.
Styrofoam letters can be provided with full color fronts, glossy Plexiglas or other desired material.
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We produce these styrofoam letters and logos in a large number of "standard" versions. However, all products are tailor-made and are therefore custom-made for you in our factory in Holland, Susteren, South Limburg
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EPS can be cut according to the desired font and size
EPS is light weight making it much lighter than alternative options
EPS can be supplied in natural white or sprayed in the desired color
We as manufacturer has a short delivery time
We as producer brings your ideas to life
Large letters are transported via an external transport company or transport is carried out by ourselves. Collecting yourself is possible.