On our products is no standard legal guarantee period. 
However, you have warranty on the quality of the product. If there are defects on the product purchased by you, than you are entitled to replacement. You have no right to warranty if:
-The damage is caused by intent or negligence;
-There is misuse, for example by monitoring incorrect instruction manual; 
-There is damage or water damage for example caused by falling down, collision or water;
-There is an certain expectation in normal use, such as appearance;
-There is damage because you did attempt to repair it yourself. 

Warranty procedure
It is annoying when an article doesn’t meet your expectation. Always follow the supplied instructions or print this out at "Tips & tricks".
If a damaged parcel is delivered to you and the content is damaged you need to inform us directly. In this case, contact our customer service for a problem solution. We always take care for a solution.

Follow the following steps if you want to send an article to us for warranty.
Send this as soon as possible but not later than within 7 days back to us. Pack the warranty article properly.

In the return shipment please add your Name (order name as on your order), address and phone number. Also add a copy of Photo of the proof of purchase. 

The consumer bears the risk for the return consignment, therefore we recommend to send the package by registered mail to preserve evidence, so that you can claim any loss to your carrier.